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16/00515/OUT | Updated Site Boundary, Masterplan and Environmental Statement Addendum. The provision of up to 1,500 dwellings, a new local centre, primary school, areas of public open space including children's' play space and informal recreation, storm water balancing and a new link road between Burton Road and Dalby Road and Kirby Lane and Leicester Road. | Land South Of Kirby Lane Kirby Lane Melton Mowbray
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Mr Maurice Bell (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 13 May 2019

Further objection received 23.4.19

Comment submitted date: Sat 20 Aug 2016

see original document - long comments

further to my previous comments/ impression i get the school/shops etc will be close to dalby rd a flood plain area/ bottom of 2 hills/close to a black spot jcn / why/ when the new houses are built the extra water will run into local ditches then into the r. wreake /this river has cause flooding in the past to thames dr area after a storm/ it rises very quickly/ i suggest the shops etc go east of sandy lane/kirby rd there/the parking area can be use for the school as well / west side social houses about 100/sandy lane is cycle route 64 that why i suggest the footbridge over new rd /nearest shops are good 800 metres away /it can be a hub of activities/

Comment submitted date: Sat 13 Aug 2016

my only objection is the roundabout propose on sandy lane/ if installed a rat race on norfolk dr will continue as it is at the moment/ suggest the link by a ramp foot bridge with the rd goinging away from the site / see my plan i have suggested for the ring rd /is there any social houses in the plan

Mr Derek Fraser (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Apr 2019

We wish to object to this development on a number of grounds.
Section 4.2.6 of the Environmental Statement - Proposed Development and Alternatives Considered states all properties will be 2 -2.5 stories high. For those properties on Kirby Lane who face the prospect of losing the views they have enjoyed and paid a premium for, 2 or 2.5 storey high buildings in front of their living room windows is unacceptable. We know from the quote we had from a local property agent the effect on the value of the current open view (in our case a 15% reduction). Additionally there are very many older people living in Melton who find climbing stairs difficult and would much prefer to live in bungalows. We are also aware other people have also requested the development includes bungalows especially close to Kirby Lane.

We note there are no current plans to plant trees to screen the existing properties on Kirby Lane from this highly intrusive development. We would much prefer the Council to require the developer to include trees to shield us all from the new houses.
Also the amount of green space in this huge development appears to be very small and restricted to the centre of the development. Green space is important and a recent Government White Paper proposed local and neighbourhood plans contain expectations about design standards. Local residents will be able to object to new developments on aesthetic grounds. The Council must ensure the plans are aesthetically acceptable. Plentiful green space offers lasting economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits and plays an important role in tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour.

Although there is a local centre within the development there is no reference to any medical facilities. The current Latham House surgery is already very full and parking very often very difficult. A new medical facility within the new development must be a priority.

Section 4.2.9 states vehicle penetration will be through Dalby Road and Sandy Lane. Sandy lane in particular is a residential road. The additional traffic generated by this large number of houses will turn a quiet residential road into a very busy road. Can we be assured there will be NO construction traffic having access from either Sandy Lane or Kirby lane? A major objection is the noise, dirt and disruption which we will inevitably face when building work gets close to our property.

We are also concerned about the loss of the good farming land we look out on daily. With an increasing population it is important we grow as much of our own food as possible instead of importing from overseas. Concreting over good farming land is a backward step. Despite the Environmental Statement (Section 4.3.3) claiming there was no viable alternative the Council could have proceeded with previous plans to put a large number of houses on the Dalby Road airfield site, a brownfield area currently under-utilised.

A And A Knight (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 24 Apr 2019

Further concerns received 17.4.19

Comment submitted date: Fri 12 Aug 2016

According to your plans the development just behind my bungalow has no buffer trees or such like though on the first stage there are buffers all round the existing properties.
There is also three footpath / bycicle paths emerging from phase two which is totally unnecessary, one footpath from each phase is surely adequate, from the new development . . Kirkby Lane is going to be as busy as the town streets which is not acceptable in this quite area. We paid a premium to live in this property and you are proposing to take away the peace and quite that we bought
We attended the meetings in the early stages of this application and a lot of people who at present live in bungalows bordering the lane, requested that if the application was successful that the properties facing our bungalows, would also be low level properties IE: bungalow so,there would be no high buildings to overlook our property. This is surely a must for the developers to accomodate the existing buildings .

M Bell (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Tue 23 Apr 2019

I object the section of the link rd from leic rd to Kirby lane - this still leaves a bad bend on leic rd jnc to kiby rd then Kirby lane / I would like to see this section as a roundabout /up grade Kirby lane to point propose section of rd where roundabout is schedule = reason this section is now not required = as it been removed on the west side in the local plan[ mmdr ] been in since 1985-/ yes if we were to use west side /it was plan for that / on other parts of the plan support

Comment submitted date: Fri 08 Dec 2017

Comments received 28.11.17

Miss Sara Dickinson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 23 Apr 2019

I have already commented on the previous plans and the lack of Green space. I had to search very hard for the open public spaces on the plan and none appear on my side of Dalby Road. You don't seem to have made any provision for planting new trees. With the increase in traffic that this development will create you need to counter act this with helping the environment recover by planting more trees and creating green spaces. Instead Melton Council seem intent on cutting down as many trees as possible. The bypass also needs sorting before building more houses as the town doesn't have the infrastructure to copy as it is. I do not believe you are following guidance from Natural England and The Woodland Trust regarding green spaces and new developments. If this development has to go ahead you should reconsider the green spaces available to the community and the number of trees that you plant in the area. The Woodland Trust have guidance around this issues on there website and I've outlined below some guidance from (ANGSt)
Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGSt). Natural greenspaces are very important to our quality of life. They provide a wide range of benefits for people and the environment.

Recent evidence shows that access to natural greenspaces for fresh air, exercise and quiet contemplation has benefits for both physical and mental health. Research provides good evidence of reductions in levels of heart disease, obesity and depression where people live close to greenspaces.

In addition to their potential ecological value, greenspaces also help us adapt to changes in climate through their role in reducing the risk of flooding and by cooling the local environment. Where trees are present they also act as filters for air pollution. Nature nearby is good for people, good for wildlife and good for the environment.

Natural England believes that everyone should have access to good quality natural greenspace near to where they live and have produced " 'Nature Nearby' Accessible Natural Greenspace Guidance" to help people make this a reality.

The guidance is aimed at parks and greenspace practitioners and their partners, particularly decision makers, planners and managers of green space. It describes the amount, quality and level of visitor services that we believe everyone is entitled to.

The guidance proposes the adoption of three key standards by greenspace professionals that will deliver high quality and inspiring visitor experiences in green spaces close to where people live, and connect people with the natural environment. The standards include the Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGSt). There is a minimum distances people would travel to the natural environment. Natural England reviewed the standard in 2008 and concluded that it was still useful but that further guidance was required to explain how it should be applied. The Nature Nearby report published in 2010 provides this additional clarity.

Mrs Joanna Hutton (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Thu 24 May 2018

I strongly object to these houses being built until the roads infrastructure is in place and is connected to the new bypass. It could be years before the Kirby Lane is upgraded to make it suitable for the volume of traffic the houses will create and my biggest fear after living by this road for 28 years is that someone will be killed on this small back road without making improvements before any developments begins and with no guarentee it will ever fully be funded by developers if the housing market changes.

Comment submitted date: Thu 01 Sep 2016

I have lived on Eagles Drive (backing onto Kirby Lane) since 1990 and have had many years of experience of the witnessing bad accidents on the back Kirby Lane. I feel the Junction from Kirby Lane onto Dalby Road is not suitable for a development of the size in question and the whole road is not suitable to saftly withstand traffic at this moment in time let alone with an extra vechles over the coming years.It has a 7.5 tonne weight limit so unsuitable for any construction traffic.I feel by the time any development reaches this section of building requirements it would be many years down the line before any work is actually implimented on this section of road leaving years of issues Kirby Lane making it a fatal risk for generations to come as it states it will be at least 2029 before complition of full site. Furthermore it only takes a small section of Kirby Lane into consisderation leaving it a Rat Run for many more years until further developers commit to complete ring road.

Mr Graham Hutton (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 24 May 2018

I've been looking at the new proposal and OBJECT TO THEM.

Please can you give me an explanation as to why the building of the new development is now starting from the Dalby rd area when we have a eastern bypass being built that would help with construction traffic which finishes to the Burton rd side of the new development? I was of the understanding that the development was originally starting from the Burton rd side (phase 2B) and the bypass being built in sections from this end which made more sense especially with the new Eastern bypass. I strongly believe that the southern bypass should be built before any building work commences as all the roads around this area are not suitable for construction traffic. The new proposal seems to be putting the number of houses to be occupied up before the southern bypass is started to be built, but the developer is only committing to half the number that would enforce the construction of the southern bypass leading more and more to the fact this will not be built by the developer, the council need to be stronger over this and reduce the amount of occupied houses to less than half this number before the southern bypass is built.

I also don't think Melton medical services can take anymore development in the town as they are already stretched to far, the infrastructure needs to be in place long before anymore developments.

Please can you explain point 3 on the Jacobs report, Leicester road/ Kirby lane link I have not understood why this is positioned where it is and not going to the Dalby junction on the bad bends removing an accident point.
Also please can confirm what this means, to remove southern link road between Dalby road and Sandy lane, not sure where this link road is unless this is a vague reference to Kirby lane?

I don't think the use of any of Kirby lane for the bypass in the short or long term is a well thought out plan, also this being an accident black spot with another incident on the 7th May, one of these are going to be fatal soon with the extra traffic.

Comment submitted date: Thu 24 May 2018

Further objection received 22.5.18

Comment submitted date: Thu 01 Sep 2016

A development of this size needs proper access and the use of kirby lane as part of the ring road is ludicrous due to the amount of accident along it and at it's junction with Dalby road an accident black spot also this isn't suitable for site traffic due to it's 7.5T weight limit, Would it not be possible for local or national gov to fund the ring road and then at agreed point of the developments the developers pay this back giving proper access to the site.
Looking at the outline plans it shows Kirby lane being altered and the junction with Edendale road which I assume would mean no access on the last portion the the crossroads and a new left right junction being made this would be a better idea but I think this is not the first choice this would be a better solution if kirby lane has to be used but the whole length of kirby lane would need upgrading and surely this money would be better invested in the ring road.

Mr John Bellamy (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 22 May 2018

we understand that new houses are needed, the hard part is to try and understand why we need so many houses here in South Melton how many of these homes will be affordable homes that people in Melton will be able to afford, will they be of a good mix to suit peoples different needs. It would also be nice to see more social housing being built within this project.
One of the big problems is the intention to build the homes before the roads, how will the heavy equipment be moved on and off site and what about all of the day to day vehicles traveling to and from the site, the roads are unsuitable for much of this kind of movement even the bus routes here in the South can run into problems with the parked vehicles of people who park close to their homes and during the school run when we already have massive parking problems with people trying to get their children to school. Another cause of concern is the statement that the roads would not be built until 600 homes have been sold what is the time scale for the sale of these homes. and does this include the 500 homes already started on the Lomas site It could take years for the homes to be sold if they do all get sold which means more and longer disruption for people living in this area. Secondly what happens if there is a lack of demand will the builder pull out and leave us without any road, I could not imagine anyone wanting to build properties that they could not sell as happened in Ireland some years ago.
WE are bringing more and more people into Melton the problem is where are the jobs, most of the people work outside of Melton which just causes more traffic issues and encourages people to do their shopping outside of Melton. We have a doctors surgery here in Melton which cannot cope with demand as it is, how will it cope with all of the extra new residents who will be coming to live here and what about the schools what is being done to help with the extra needs of new children coming into the town when school placements will become difficult to obtain at your preferred school
Looking at the additional comments for the planning application I find it difficult to understand how it says there will be no significant impact on traffic in the town it talks about 12 to 15 seconds added to a journey from my own experiences each vehicle held up for a short time just adds more time to the vehicles behind which soon turns into significant delays which can only make things worse than they are now which is hard to believe I have always known this as the domino effect.
Some years ago I lived on Princess Drive and loved the view which I am sure that many still living in Princess Drive/Kirby Lane think the same, would it not be possible for a 50m planted buffer zone, as was done in Melton North, to be added to lessen the impact of the new builds for the resident living there.

M Stimson (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Mon 21 May 2018

Comments received

Mr Malcolm Davies (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 21 May 2018

I strongly object to these houses being built until the roads infrastructure is in place and is connected to the new bypass. As constituted, all traffic would be put onto Sandy Lane and Dalby Road which are already extremely busy, with traffic crossing as part of the "rat run" from Burton Road via Norfolk Drive to Kirby Lane and the Leicester road.and on to Kirby Lane. It would be extreme folly to add the traffic from these houses, which should be directed onto a bypass.

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