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19/00574/ADV | ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Application for Bellway Homes Developments Signage to include BH1 Boards, BH2 Boards, BH3 Boards & Flag Poles | Land Off Great Lane Frisby On The Wreake
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Mr Ray Birley (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 14 Feb 2020

Objection received 21.6.20

Comment submitted date: Thu 13 Jun 2019

How many signs do Bellway need to put up in such a comparatively small area to advertise the new housing estate

Mrs susan norledge (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Oct 2019

Frisby Parish Council considered the amendments made to this application at its meeting on Tuesday 8th October 2019. It was disappointed to see that the amendments had not changed the detail of the application and that no regard seems to have been given to the numerous comments by villagers and the Parish Council. Therefore, the comments made by the Parish Council on Friday 19th July are still applicable and the Parish Council still objects to the application. The plans are annotated 'amended to show the actual positions of the flagpoles, boards.....' This means that the original plans were incorrect, and all that has been done is to correct the original plans such that they are accurate. This is therefore not an amendment that takes any account of the previously raised objections. Note that the previous objections were based upon the actual positions of the flags, boards etc.

Ms Catherine Voyce (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 25 Sep 2019

There are too many noisy apparatus at this site. It is the top of a hill where it is often windy. The noise from the flag poles rattling in the wind is excessive and can be heard late in the evenings from my house which is a third of a mile away. This often disturbs my dogs, causing them to bark, and subsequently my sleep!

Mrs Diana Patterson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 01 Sep 2019

I was under the impression that in a rural area such as our village, there is constrain on the number of large signs and other advertising banners. I believe they should only be allowed two large signs.
The mania for banners has become insidious. They are ugly of bad taste and do not blend in with the rest of the village. There are far too many as it is. What is the point of them in any case as the majority of people who drive past are villagers or come regularly from the surrounding area. This is not a main road.

Mrs Susan Norledge (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 19 Jul 2019

Frisby Parish Council has considered this application and objects, for the following reasons:
1. The number of signs, flag poles and boards is excessive.
2. The size of the signs, flag poles and boards is excessive.
3. The height of the signs, flagpoles and boards is excessive.
4. The positioning of the signs, flagpoles and boards is unacceptable.
5. The noise pollution relating to the flagpoles is unacceptable - it is causing significant disturbance and upset to existing residents. The noise occurs even in a moderate breeze.
6. The excessive number, size and height of the signs, flagpoles and boards is completely out of character of what is a picturesque village setting. Such significant advertising is ugly and spoils one of the primary entrances to the village. In addition, the visual intrusion for existing residents is excessive.
7. The excessive number, size and height of the signs, flagpoles and boards results in a visual distraction for road users, with a consequent increased risk of an accident.
8. The signs, flagpoles and boards have already been erected, before this application was submitted. This is not acceptable. It does however clearly demonstrate that the signs, flagpoles and boards erected by the applicant are wholly inappropriate, wholly unnecessary for a development of this size, and wholly unsuitable for the location.
9. The Parish Council notes that the purpose of advertising is simply to aid construction traffic and potential buyers. There is little passing traffic - those that come to the site are generally already informed. With this in mind, the amount of advertising is excessive.
Frisby Parish Council objects to this application, and makes the following requests:
1. The number, size and height of the signs, flagpoles and boards be substantially reduced.
2. The flagpoles be changed such that they do not create such significant noise pollution.
3. The positions of the signs, flagpoles and boards be re-considered, with greater thought given to the competing needs of advertising and the need to maintain a reasonable visual impact that is not distracting to traffic, not degrading to the village setting and character, and not excessively disturbing to existing residents.
4. As the development progresses, consideration should be given to re-siting a proportion of the signs, flagpoles and boards further into the site.

Mr Nick Farrow (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jul 2019

I do not think that the number of banners and boards are appropriate for the size of the site and it also degrades the area with the large advertising boards, the flags are noisy and keep ticking in the winds. What ever happened to common sense.

Dr Jackie Warwick (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 03 Jul 2019

This site continues to be a source of problems for residents. The existing signage is already excessive for a site of this size. This entrance to the village is now loud, ugly and unwelcoming - in part due to the advertisements already in place, in part because of other development-related issues. A section of hedge fronting Great Lane has been severely damaged and a section some 7m long, has now died completely. The large house set at an angle to Great Lane is surely closer than 5m to the the surviving retained field hedge, despite there being a 5m buffer zone listed in the site Conditions.

R Widdowson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 02 Jul 2019

Objection received 26.6.19

Mr Stephen East (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 24 Jun 2019

Eight flag poles is too many, they are visually intrusive and the noise when the wind blows is significant ( it is like living next to a yacht club with clattering rigging against masts).
The 2 large advertising boards adjacent to the junction of Great Lane and Gaddesby Lane are far too large reaching above gutter height relative to the adjacent new double storey houses. These large boards are more suitable for positioning next to a major highway not a village lane.
The double signboards each side of the site entrance road, is excessive, one would be adequate.
I realise the developer has to have some advertising, I therefore suggest a compromise:
They reduce the flag number by 50%, remove the 2 large boards completely and reduce the smaller board to one side of the entrance only.

Mrs Maureen Macnab (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 23 Jun 2019

The site is located at the gateway of the village and due to the size of the new houses is not difficult to be noticed by a potential buyer.

At present there are 8 flag poles, 2 large boards close to the access road, 2 enormous boards (height of two storey house including roof), 2 boards on fence next to sales office, 2 free standing plaques, fencing covered by white material showing Bellway company name.

This site has permission for 53 dwellings and the amount of advertising does not I believe comply with the Town and Country Planning Regulations for a development of this size.

In addition, there is a significant noise nuisance due to the wind rattling the advertising flags.

I have been informed by Bellway Sales Office that it will be at least another year before the site is completed and we will have to endure heavy construction traffic on Great Lane during this time as well as advertising boards, etc.

In Advertising it is often wise to remember that "less is more" .

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