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19/01250/FUL | New dwelling on land adjacent to 12 Ashby Road and removal of a timber shed. | Park House Cottage 12 Ashby Road Gaddesby LE7 4WF
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Mr Martin James (Melton Ramblers) (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 10 Jan 2020

Looking at the new plan that has been submitted it shows that footpath I98 should not be affected by this application. However the applicant has kept this footpath blocked for may years. This footpath should be reinstated and open before planning permission is granted and kept open and available for use throughout any works.

Comment submitted date: Wed 11 Dec 2019

Footpath I98 will be obstructed by this application and an alternative route for the footpath will need to be found and agreed before any decision is made.

P Pritchard (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 10 Dec 2019

Objection received 9.12.19

Miss Sheila Chambers (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 01 Dec 2019

I note that the vehicle entrance and exit will be directly on to the main road. I therefore strongly object on the grounds of Road Safety. Vehicles which include agricultural vehicles, regularly exceed the speed limit in both directions, with no regard to the school signs. Recently there have been several serious accidents and deaths close to the village boundary caused by excess speed.
The school has recently expanded taking children from a much wider catchment area, consequently the number of vehicles has increased but there is no dedicated parking. They park anywhere they can eg on the pavement, double parked in the road, across driveways, and on the grass verge. Whilst this temporarily prevents speeding, the lack of vision caused by these parked vehicles is a further safety hazard. Even when the school rush has finished, there are often cars parked on the road adjacent to the driveways or outside the village hall, which is used by the play school with vehicles going in and out of the carpark. So not only is there limited vision in both directions there is the added danger of speeding vehicles.

I am also concerned about the public footpath (198) that is routed through the garden of number 12. This is not shown on the plans. If there are plans to close it, or re route it I will strongly object.

The final objection concerns lack of privacy.
I note that the garden room has double doors which will no doubt open on to a patio. The garden of both our properties fall away from the house quite steeply therefore I have a built up patio. If something similar is planned for the new build we will be overlooked not only on the patio but also whilst in the conservatory and more alarmingly whilst using the hot tub
Additionally, being overlooked could well reduce the value of the property.

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